• What You Need to Know about Nitrous Oxide Supplements

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    With many fitness conscious individuals like you, there are many approaches on how to get the fit physique everyone wants to have. Today, many supplements flock the market offering you help in achieving the muscled look you are aspiring of. Several agents or substances are used for non-medical reasons.

    What is Nitrous Oxide Supplement?

    Nitrous oxide is a compound used in various ways. Its benefit that is popular among fitness buffs is its vasodilation property that can improve oxygenation to the muscles and other tissues. It increases the blood flow to the targeted area distributing more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. This action helps fitness buffs to form and grow bigger muscles. However, there are many side effects that come with taking this supplement.

    What are Its Benefits?

    Nitrous oxide was first used for hair regrowth solutions. It was found out that this compound can enhance the circulation to the scalp making it grow faster. Because of this discovery, nitrous oxide was then used for various medical treatments.

    The body’s demand for oxygen increases as you start working out. Taking a nitrous oxide supplement prior a gym session will help you withstand the intensity of workout. This can also help on the repair of muscles after undergoing a strenuous activity such as weight-lifting. It works by widening your arteries and veins and in turn enhances blood flow.

    The Side Effects

    Taking this compound, which is made up of an atom of oxygen and an atom of nitrogen, can give you several risks. When taken in small doses, its effects are mild and safe. On the other hand, large doses of this drug may lead to toxicity which can cause vascular collapse.

    Milder side effects of nitrous oxide use are diarrhea, nausea, BP fluctuations and headaches. However, some experts say that it all depends on the approach in taking this supplement.  If taken in large doses, it may give you much energy for workout or activity, however, the common consequence is headache. Observe these symptoms and refer them to your doctor.

    The More Fatal Effects

    Nitrous oxide is a known vasodilator. It widens your blood vessels and increases circulation. This can give your body several benefits yet overuse of this supplement may lead to serious cases or side effects. Major health problems associated with nitrous oxide use are hypertension, BP changes, arrhythmia and hypoglycemia. Bodybuilders commonly use nitrous supplement. However, there are number of cases of nitrous oxide misuse that lead to the serious health conditions.

    There is much danger in the use of this drug. Its vasodilation effect may cause your blood vessels to rupture which is a life-threatening sensation. The heart needs to compensate for the needs of the body and to maintain balance in the whole circulatory system. The changes this pre-work out supplement causes may add more workload to the said organ. Using nitrous oxide supplement may put you at risk of having cardiovascular problems.

    Seek for your doctor’s advice regarding the use of this pre-work out supplement. This product may give you various health benefits yet you must know about the consequences you may face.

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  • Creatine Supplements: Your Questions Answered At Once

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    Several people have questions regarding creatine supplements. These information will provide you what these really are and how these affect your body.

    What are Creatine Supplements?

    Creatine is a natural amino acid that when taken up by the muscle converts to energy. This powers the muscle to perform movement and aid in its growth. With weight added to muscles, the muscle fibers contract causing movement. The contraction of muscles makes the fibers grow as well. With technology, creatine was formed into powder form, tablets and other preparations. When taken in by the body, the amino acid is taken up by the muscles and support growth.

    Are Creatine Supplements safe?

    Almost all people who are interested with this supplement would ask if it’s safe to take it. Based from several studies, when taken in considerable amounts, would provide big benefits rather than harm. All things in excess and taken opposite to its recommendation is not good. For people taking directed doses of supplements without experiencing any other underlying health conditions, there have be no known side effects.

    What are other sources of Creatine?

    Creatine supplements are already considered synthetic forms of creatine. The amino acid underwent lots of processes that they would form what they are and could be made used by the body. Natural sources of creatine are from the food you eat that are proteins. These include meats like beef, fish and pork. People who seldom eat meat or are vegetarians still can get creatine but only in scanty amounts.

    Are Creatine Supplements beneficial to the body?

    For those who are looking for more energy source to sustain a certain lifestyle or activity definitely benefits from creatine supplements. People who are geared to sports, who are athletes and weight lifters who require a lot of protein for muscle growth, endurance and muscle strength need supplements. Sometimes, even if you eat, you still can’t get enough creatine from food. Nobody wants to eat the same food everyday, every meal time or every hour. Creatine supplements can provide the body more amount of creatine than an oz of meat. People experiencing muscular problems, heart diseases and organ alterations have scientifically benefited from creatine.

    How to take Creatine?

    Well, there are several preparations of creatine nowadays. One good form is the powder mix. Like any other amino acid supplements, these don’t taste good. What you can do is to mix it with tasteful beverage like shake or juice. You can add them to your food too. Avoid mixing creatine with hot food or drinks since amino acid gets destroyed and deactivated with heat. Every supplement comes with label and direction for use on the container. Check it to determine the dosage recommended for you. Avoid overdoses because these would only cause problems rather than hastening its action.

    Your wonders regarding creatine have come to an end. These are facts that would keep you comfortable that what you’re or you’ll be using is safe. Before trying something that affects health, make sure that it’s safe and effective. You can’t risk your health for ignorance is never a good reason for anything.

  • Facts You Need to Tell Your Family and Friends about HGH

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    HGH has gained much popularity in the field of medicine. Even its medical use gave way to a lot of issues and controversies. Today, this drug is regulated by health authorities. The misuse or abuse of this synthetic hormone may lead to various health problems.

    The Confusion

    There is so much controversy regarding the use of this agent for non-medical purposes. It was first used as a treatment for growth deficiencies among children. Today, many seek for the anti-aging and body-building benefits of this drug.

    Articles and write-ups about the health benefits of HGH had made a wrong understanding about its effects. You may be dying to have the buffed physique or fight signs of aging and turn on using this drug. Do you really know what it can cause you and leave you with?

    What is Human Growth Hormone?

    Commonly referred to as HGH, this synthetic form of the naturally existing hormone in your body is marketed for various medical and non-medical benefits. It is a protein secreted by the pituitary gland found in the brain. It is produced for the development of cells and tissues in the body. It offers you various functions such as its roles in cell production, metabolism and growth.

    What may interest you are its effects in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and in protein synthesis. It can eliminate body fat and give way to the development of your muscles. No wonder, Hollywood actors and other famous personalities who can afford this drug are involved in scams involving HGH.

    Anti-aging Benefits

    Many promotional ads state that HGH defies aging and lengthens life. What is the truth behind this wonder drug? Growth hormone, the natural substance in the body, indeed does health wonders. It controls various processes that your systems need in order to survive. HGH can slow down the aging process such as by controlling the deposition of fats in the body which is common during old age, by improving bone density and in preventing degenerative diseases.

    However, does it mean HGH lengthens life? This synthetic hormone does give you the health benefits and with right usage can promote good health. On the other hand, there are no enough studies that it does affect longevity. Claims about its effectiveness in preventing heart diseases and cancers are not yet proven.

    HGH Preparations

    Injections are the most effective way to benefit from the effectiveness of HGH. It introduces this hormone fast in the bloodstream and in turn causing faster results. This is the most expensive preparation of this drug. Also, they come in oral forms such as sprays, tablets and capsules. Today there are various supplements offering the benefits of HGH. These supplements are not HGH per se, rather they are herbal preparations that can stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and release the hormone.

    Is it Safe?

    The non-medical use of HGH is often risky and may compromise health. The use of this drug without an expert’s supervision will not only give you the health benefits but the harmful consequences as well. There are various side effects that come with the use of these synthetic substances. Serious problems such as bone deficiencies are one of the conditions linked with HGH use that manufacturers don’t tell you.

  • The Pre-Workout Supplements You Need to Know

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    There is a growing number of fitness buffs like you who are interested on the effects of pre-workout supplements. Everyone seems to dream of achieving the physique of that of superman. Oftentimes, you turn to various remedies that promise to offer you the fitness you are aspiring of. What are the best supplements that can fuel your muscles in preparation for the workout routines?

    The 3 most famous supplements in developing lean and strong muscles are protein, glutamine and creatine. Which of these must be taken prior a work out or are considered as pre-workout supplements?

    Glutamine and Creatine

    There are researches that show supplements competing with each other for absorption and cell transport. This is because some of these compounds use a common transport method in order to get absorbed by the body (sodium). This can lead to absorbing more of one of these two supplements. This is the same reason why you must know which of the three supplements are taken before an exercise.

    Yes, the competition between these supplements for absorption to the system is a theory. However, this theory can either be true or false. To be safe and to optimize the effects of the substances, why not split the time when you take them. Don’t take them together.

    What of the three is the supplement that is considered a pre-workout pill?

    Creatine and Protein Shakes

    Creatine supplement and protein shakes or juices are the preparations that can be classified as pre-workout supplements. However, they can also be taken after a work-out. As a pre-workout supplement, it is recommended that you take either of them half an hour before exercise. They will give your muscles the food or energy in order to withstand the stress you are giving them through work-out. It is also advised that you take them again after finishing the session. You can do the bracketing technique by taking either creatine supplement before then a protein shake after a routine or vice versa.

    This technique will help you set up a muscle building or anabolic state which prevents the breakdown of the muscles due to work out (catabolism). So, creatine and protein juices and shakes are the supplements that must be taken before or after a work-out. Make sure that you load your body with one of these supplements to fuel your system before your exercise routines.

    Protein Shakes and Juices

    Though it is a fact that your muscles need these supplements after a workout, taking protein shakes before starting out with your weight training is also vital. Your muscles need protein for the recovery process after an exercise. However, they also need this nutrient to withstand the tension you apply on them during a work-out. So it is important then to take gulps of the protein shake to prepare your muscles for the intensity of the routines.

    Taking this supplement half an hour before a workout may lessen the catabolic effects of exercise which means you are lessening the breakdown of muscles during an exercise. There are several pre-work out supplements that you can take to condition your body before a workout.

  • Creatine Supplements: Fast Track To Your Dream Body

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    You might have probably heard of the supplement for muscle builders. Creatine supplements are popular nowadays for men who wanted to grow their muscles fast. Along with their popularity, several controversies also arose. Determining its benefits to health and to the body can give you knowledge about creatine supplements. With continued and proper workout, you can make the muscles grow stronger and firmer for the shortest time possible without any side effects.

    Benefits of Creatine Supplements

    • Creatine supplements can instantly boost energy production. If you experiment on yourself, without supplements, you can carry 15-20 lbs of weight. For first timer weight builders, they need to start first to the lightest to which they can carry. As they work out over time, the weight becomes heavier. Taking supplements can give the muscles energy to hold on to much heavier weight. With more weight you exert on the muscles, the bigger the muscles will grow.
    • Protein is needed for the muscles to be build and be string. When working out, you need to increase your intake of protein to support growth of muscles. However, some protein you took in won’t fully go to your muscles. It will be distributed to other parts of the body. Creatine can help in bringing more proteins to the muscles. It works like a magnet that will ensure that the muscle are fully fed with proteins.
    • Having bigger muscles isn’t enough. Muscles aren’t only for aesthetic purpose. It’s even better when you can make use of them. There are times that people with bigger muscles can’t even carry heavy objects because their muscle fibers aren’t even tough. When the fibers aren’t that compact, muscles are prone to straining causing pain and discomfort. Creatine improves the connection of muscles fibers. These make them compact so that muscles would also have resistance and endurance for any various activity.
    • Muscles need to be maintained. There are times you are tired to work out or you have other important appointments keeping you away from the gym for a few days. When muscles don’t work, the muscles become stagnant and even become smaller. Creatine can help maintain the current condition of muscles. In just a short time without training, you can be sure that when you go back, you still have the muscles you have worked for for several years.
    • Creatine supplies also electrolytes. Another advantage of creatine supplements is that some have electrolytes that promote better functioning. You will not feel easily tired and you are less likely to suffer fatigue with continued training.

    When you have the goal of attaining a good shape of muscles or working your way toward better muscle growth, creatine supplements can really help you. These supplements are affordable and can be mixed with your favorite food or drink. Just like with any exercise, having enough energy to sustain the activity will even make you a satisfied person at the end of the day. With continued determination and patience, you’ll definitely  be in the body you’ve dreamed a long time.

  • HGH and Intensive Training

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    Intensive training needs one thing: results. Fighter, athlete, soldier or all of the above, intensive training requires sheer determination and the grit to tough it out until you’ve got the muscle you need to suit your purpose. And now we are introduced to our little friend, HGH.

    You’ve probably have already heard about how similar it is to steroids without much of it’s ill effects, but injecting it into your body is still illegal. Neither way, there’s a legal workaround getting hGH without having to go through the needle: supplementation.

    Supplements do not contain hGH themselves, but they do encourage it’s production inside your body. It pumps nutrients that help stimulate its growth coupled with a workout routine that coincides with your diet.

    What HGH Does to Your Body

    As stated earlier, your body produces naturally occurring hGH or human growth hormone. It’s a hormone that kicks in as soon as you manifest characteristics of puberty. The change of voice, improvement of your skeletal system as well as muscle growth is all thanks to hGH.

    To be precise, HGH caters to almost all bodily processes:

    • Brain and Spinal Chord. These two elementary parts of your body are also maintained by your hGH. It keeps your brain sharp and spinal cord in tip-top shape. If you can still remember a lot of things, thank your human growth hormones.
    • Stronger Bones. They not only strengthen your bones, but they also maintain its frame, helping speed up the process of healing and avoid brittle bones.
    • Increases muscle-mass and lessens workout time. This is perhaps the more popular features of hGH. This type of hormone basically gives you the bulk and the pace you need get large and in charge.

    Workout and Supplements

    It is also important to consider that hGH supplementation is a lot safer than using bovine hGH injectables since it has very little chance of giving your body too much that it can handle. Much like steroid use, hGH injectables have the danger of causing problems to your system if they cause an imbalance with your hormones. So for this purpose, hGH supplementation is better.

    In order to further understand how working out and hGH works hand in hand, let’s illustrate how our body works when working out: when you workout, you strain your muscles just enough that it causes enough damage to them, which your body’s processes then repair. However, this “repair” not only restores your stretch of muscles good as new, it also reinforces it; making it stronger than before.

    Ever had the feeling of wanting to push yourself to the limit? Well, that extra “oomph” you feel is your hGH working as emergency energy that allows you to finish your task – even if it manages to leave you drained afterwards. With supplementation, it gives you more of that energy and even allows you faster healing in-between your workouts.

    Workouts and supplements go hand in hand to produce results during intensive training. Although willpower does significantly give the drive to continue conditioning your body to become faster and stronger, supplements that help encourage hGH can significantly make things more efficient for you.